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Publications and Preprints in 2015

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N. Mucic, J. Krägel, E.V. Aksenenko , V.B. Fainerman and R. Miller:
Thermodynamic characterization of ionic surfactant adsorption at the water/hexane interface
Colloid Process Engineering, M.Kind, W.Peukert, H.Rehage and H.P.Schuchmann (Eds.), Springer Verlag, 2015, ISBN: 978-3-319-15129-8, pp. 301-313

V.B. Fainerman, E.V. Aksenenko, S.V. Lylyk, M. Lotfi and R. Miller:
Adsorption of proteins at the solution/air interface influenced by added non-ionic surfactants at very low concentrations for both components. 3. Dilational surface rheology
J. Phys. Chem. B , 119 (2015) 3768–3775

M. Lotfi, A. Javadi, S.V. Lylyk, D. Bastani, V.B. Fainerman and R. Miller:
Adsorption of proteins at the solution/air interface influenced by added non-ionic surfactants at very low concentrations for both components, 1. Dodecyl dimethyl phospine oxide
Colloids Surfaces A , 475 (2015) 62–68

Matthias Köhne, Daniel Lengeler
Local Well-Posedness for Relaxational Fluid Vesicle Dynamics

Helmut Abels, Stefan Schaubeck
Nonconvergence of the Capillary Stress Functional for Solutions of the Convective Cahn-Hilliard Equation

Helmut Abels, Dominic Breit:
Weak Solutions for a Non-Newtonian Diffuse Interface Model with Different Densities

Helmut Abels, Kei Fong Lam, Björn Stinner:
Analysis of the Diffuse Domain Approach for a Bulk-Surface Coupled PDE System

Prof. Dr. Ronald Hoppe
High order approximations in space and time of a sixth order Cahn-Hilliard equation
Russ. J. Numer. Anal. Math. Modelling, DOI 10.1515 / RJNAMM.2013.0

Daniel Lengeler:
Asymptotic stability of local Helfrich Minimizers

John Lowengrubb, Jun Allard, Sebastian Aland:
Numerical simulation of endocytosis: Viscous flow driven by membranes with non-uniformly distributed curvature-inducing molecules

A. Mietke, O. Otto, S. Girardo, P. Rosendahl, A. Taubenberger, S. Golfier, E. Ulbricht, S. Aland, J. Guck, E. Fischer-Friedrich*:
Extracting cell stiffness from Real-Time Deformability Cytometry -- a theoretical and experimental analysis
Biophysical Journal, accepted

Sven Kastens, Shogo Hosoda, Michael Schlüter, Akio Tomiyama:
Mass Transfer from Single Taylor Bubbles in Mini Channels
Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2015, 38(11), pp.1925-1932, DOI: 10.1002/ceat.201500065

Daniel Lengeler:
On a Stokes-Type System Arising in Fluid Vesicle Dynamics

Harald Garcke, Claudia Hecht, Michael Hinze, Christian Kahle, Kei Fong Lam:
Shape optimization for surface functionals in Navier–Stokes flow using a phase field approach

T. Köllner, K. Schwarzenberger, K. Eckert, T. Boeck:
Solutal Marangoni convection in a Hele-Shaw geometry: Impact of orientation and gap width
The European Physical Journal Special Topics, March 2015, Volume 224, Issue 2, pp 261-276

K. Schwarzenberger , S. Aland , H. Domnick, S. Odenbach , K. Eckert:
Relaxation oscillations of solutal Marangoni convection at curved interfaces

K. Schwarzenberger, T. Köllner, T. Boeck, S. Odenbach, K. Eckert:
Hierarchical Marangoni roll cells: experiments and direct numerical simulations in three and two dimensions

M. Gille, Yu. Gorbacheva, A. Hahn, V. Polevikov, L. Tobiska:
Simulation of a pending drop at a capillary tip

John W. Barrett, Harald Garcke, Robert Nürnberg:
Stable Finite Element Approximations of Two-Phase Flow with Soluble Surfactant

John W. Barrett, Harald Garcke, Robert Nüurnberg:
Numerical computations of the dynamics of fluidic membranes and vesicles

Kathrin Dieter-Kissling, Holger Marschall, Dieter Bothe:
Numerical method for coupled interfacial surfactant transport on dynamic surface meshes of general topology.

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