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Publications and Preprints in 2012

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N.M. Kovalchuk, V. Pimienta, R. Tadmouri, R. Miller and D. Vollhardt :
Ionic strength and pH as control parameters for spontaneous surface oscillations
Langmuir , 28 (2012) 6893–6901

V.B. Fainerman, S.V. Lylyk, N.M. Kovalchuk, V.I. Kovalchuk, E.V. Aksenenko, J.T. Petkov and R. Miller:
Effect of water hardness on surface tension and dilational visco-elasticity of sodium dodecyl sulphate solutions
J. Colloid Interface Sci., 377 (2012) 1–6

V.B. Fainerman, E.V. Aksenenko, J.T. Petkov, R. Miller:
Influence of solubilized dodecane on the dynamic surface tension and dilational rheology of micellar Triton X-45 and SDS solutions
Colloids Surfaces A , 413 (2012) 125-129

M. Karbaschi, A. Javadi, D. Bastani, VI. Kovalchuk, N.M. Kovalchuk, A.V. Makievski, E. Bonaccurso, R. Miller:
Drop Profile Analysis Tensiometry under Highly Dynamic Conditions
Colloids Surfaces A , 413(2012) 292-297

A. Javadi, J. Krägel, A.V. Makievski, N.M. Kovalchuk, V.I. Kovalchuk, N. Mucic, G. Loglio, P. Pandolfini, M. Karbaschi, R. Miller :
Fast dynamic interfacial tension measurements and dilational rheology of interfacial layers by using the capillary pressure technique
Colloids Surfaces A , 407 (2012) 159-168

Sebastian Aland, Axel Voigt:
Simulation of common features and differences of surfactant-based and solid-stabilized emulsion
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects , Volume 413, 5 November 2012, Pages 298–302

S. Ganesan, L. Tobiska:
Arbitrary Lagrangian–Eulerian finite-element method for computation of two-phase flows with soluble surfactants

S. Ganesan, A. Hahn, K. Held, L. Tobiska:
An accurate Numerical Method for Computation of Two-Phase flows with surfactants

M. Kotschote:
Dynamical stability of non-constant equilibria for the compressible Navier-Stokes equations in Eulerian coordinates

M. Kotschote:
Strong Solutions of the Navier–Stokes Equations for a Compressible Fluid of Allen–Cahn Type

M. Kotschote:
Strong solutions to the compressible non-isothermal Navier-Stokes equations

H. Freistühler:

M. Kotschote:

M. Kotschote:
Existence and time-asymptotics of global strong solutions to dynamic Korteweg models

B. Klein, F. Kummer, M. Oberlack:
A Simple based discontinuous Galerkin solver for steady incompressible flows

Y. Wang, M. Oberlack, A. Zieleniewicz:
Constitutive modeling of multiphase flows with moving interfaces and contact line

S. Bommer, S. Jachalski, D. Peschka, R. Seemann, B. Wagner:
Droplets on liquids and their long way into equilibrium

S. Jachalski, D. Peschka, A. Münch, B. Wagner:
Impact of Interfacial Slip on the Stability of Liquid Two-Layer Polymer Films

S. Jachalski, G. Kitavtsev, R. Taranets:
Weak solutions to lubrication system describing the evolution of bilayer thin films

S. Aland, S. Boden, A. Hahn, S. Klingbeil, M. Weismann, S. Weller:
Quantitative comparison of Taylor Flow simulations based on sharp- and diffuse-interface models

S. Burger, T. Franke, T. Fraunholz, R.H.W. Hoppe, M.A. Peter, A. Wixforth:
Numerical simulation of surface acoustic wave actuated separation of rigid enantiomers by the fictitious domain Lagrange multiplier method

A. Ali, D. Bothe:
Iso-surface Computation in 3D using a graph-theoretical Approach

A. Reusken:
A Finite Element Level Set Redistancing Method Based on Gradient Recovery

F. Kummer, M. Oberlack:
An extension of the Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Singular Poisson Equation

S. Jachalsky, R. Huth, G. Kitavtsev, D. Peschka, B. Wagner:
Stationary Solutions of Liquid Two-Layer thin Film Models

M. Wörner:
Computational Study on Scaling of Co-current Downward Taylor Flow in Small Square Channels of Three Different Sizes

F. Lippoth, G. Prockert:
Stability of equilibria for a two-phase osmosis model

C. Lehrenfeld, A. Reusken:
Analysis of a DG-XFEM Discretization for a Class of Two-Phase Mass Transport Problems

G. Grün, F. Klingbeil:
Two-phase flow with mass density contrast: stable schemes for a thermodynamic consistent and frame-indifferent diffuse-interface model

S. Basting, M. Weismann:
A hybrid level set - front tracking finite element approach for fluid-structure interaction and two-phase flow applications

S. Burger, T. Fraunholz, C. Leirer, R. H. W. Hoppe, A. Wixforth, M. A. Peter, T. Franke:
Comparative study of the dynamics of lipid membrane phase decomposition in experiment and simulation

H. Abels, D. Depner, H. Garcke:
On an Incompressible Navier Stokes/Cahn-Hilliard System with Degenerate Mobility

A. De Wit, K. Eckert, S. Kallisdasis:
Introduction to the Focus Issue: Chemo-hydrodynamic patterns and instabilities

K. Dieter-Kissling, M. Karbaschi, H. Marschall, A. Javadi, R. Miller, D. Bothe:
On the Applicability of Drop Prole Analysis Tensiometry at High Flow Rates Using an Interface Tracking Method

K. Eckert, M. Acker, R. Tadmouri, V. Pimienta:
Chemo-Marangoni convection driven by an interfacial reaction: pattern formation and kinetics

A. Ali, D. Bothe:
A graph-theoretical approach for the computation of connected iso-surfaces based on volumetric data

S. Erdogan, M. Wörner, H. S. Soyhan:
Modeling the diffusion-free phase residence time distribution of Taylor flow by the unit cell concept: Progress and limitations

E. Bänsch, S. Weller:
A Comparison of Several Time Discretization Methods for Free Surface Flow

K. Schwarzenberger, T. Köllner, H. Linde, S. Odenbach, T. Boeck, K. Eckert:
On the transition from cellular to wavelike patterns during solutal Marangoni convection

H. Linde, K. Schwarzenberger, K. Eckert:
Pattern formation emerging from stationary solutal Marangoni instability: a roadmap through the underlying hierarchic structures

I. Nitschke, A. Voigt, A. Wensch:
A finite element approach to incomressible two-phase flow on manifolds

Kathrin Kissling, Holger Marschall, Dieter Bothe:
Direct Numerical Simulation of Multicomponent Surfactant Transport on Fluid Interfaces

S. Aland, J. Lowengrub, A. Voigt: Particles at fluid-fluid interfaces:
A new Navier Stokes Cahn Hilliard Surface Phase Field Crystal model

S. Aland, J. Lowengrub, A. Voig:
A continuum model of colloid-stabilized interfaces

S. Aland, A. Voigt:
Benchmark computations of diffuse interface models for two-dimensional bubble dynamics

T. Fraunholz, R. H. W. Hoppe, M. A. Peter:
Convergence analysis of an adaptive interior penalty discontinuous galerkin method for the Biharmonic Problem

M. Wörner:
Numerical modeling of multiphase flows in microfluidics and micro process engineering: a review of methods and applications

A. Javadi, V.B. Fainerman, R. Miller:
Drop Volume Tensiometry

V.B. Fainerman, E.V. Aksenenko, N.M. Kovalchuk, A. Javadi, R. Miller:
Study of the co-adsorption of hexane from the gas phase at the surface of aqueous C10EO8 drops

R.Miller, A. Javadi, N. Mucic, N.M. Kovalchuk, E.V. Aksenenko:
Dynamics of interfacial layers—Experimental feasibilities of adsorption kinetics and dilational rheology

R.Miller, A. Javadi, N. Moradi, H. Möhwald, V.B. Fainerman:
Alkane vapor and surfactants co-adsorption on aqueous solution interfaces

R.Miller, A. Javadi, N. Mucic, D. Vollhardt, V.B. Fainerman:
Effects of dodecanol on the adsorption kinetics of SDS at the water–hexane interface

R.Miller, A. Sharipova, S. Aidarova, V.B. Fainerman:
Study of dynamic interfacial tension of alkyl sulphates with different alkyl chain lengths at the water/hexane interface

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