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Publications and Preprints in 2014

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M. Schmitt, S. Limage, D.O. Grigoriev, J. Krägel, V. Dutschk, S. Vincent-Bonnieu, R. Miller and M. Antoni:
Transition from spherical to irregular dispersed phase in water/oil emulsions
Langmuir , 30 (2014) 4599-4604

V.B. Fainerman, M. Lotfi, A. Javadi, E.V. Aksenenko, Y.I. Tarasevich, D. Bastani, and R. Miller:
Adsorption of Proteins at the Solution/Air Interface Influenced by Added Nonionic Surfactants at Very Low Concentrations for Both Components. 2. Effect of Different Surfactants and Theoretical Model
Langmuir , 30 (2014) 12812-12818

M. Karbaschi, M. Lotfi, A. Javadi, J. Krägel, D. Bastani and R. Miller:
Rheology of interfacial layers
COCIS, 19 (2014) 514–519

V.B. Fainerman, E.V. Aksenenko, N. Mucic, A. Javadi and R. Miller:
Thermodynamics of adsorption of ionic surfactants at water/alkane interfaces
Soft Matter , 10 (2014) 6873-6887

M. Lotfi, D. Bastani, V. Ulaganathan, R. Miller and A. Javadi :
Bubble in flow field: a new experimental protocol for investigating dynamic adsorption layers by using capillary pressure tensiometry
Colloids Surfaces A., 460 (2014) 369-376

M. Lotfi, M. Karbaschi, A. Javadi, N. Mucic, J. Krägel, V.I. Kovalchuk, R.G. Rubio, V.B. Fainerman and R. Miller:
Dynamics of liquid interfaces under various types of external perturbations
COCIS, 19 (2014) 309-319

M. Karbaschi, A. Javadi, D. Bastani, and R. Miller:
High Frequency Oscillatory Flow in Micro Channels
Colloids Surfaces A , 460 (2014) 355–360

R. Miller, V.B. Fainerman, V. Pradines, V.I. Kovalchuk, N.M. Kovalchuk, E.V. Aksenenko, L. Liggieri, F. Ravera, G. Loglio, A. Sharipova, Y. Vysotsky, D. Vollhardt, N. Mucic, R. Wüstneck, J. Krägel, A. Javadi:
Surfactant adsorption layers at liquid interfaces
Surfactant Science and Technology: Retrospects and Prospects, L. Romsted (Ed.), CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, 2014, pp. 149-170, ISBN 13: 978-1-4398-8295-5

J.Y. Won, J. Krägel, A.V. Makievski, A. Javadi, G. Gochev, G. Loglio, P.Pandolfini, M.E. Leser, C. Gehin-Delval and R. Miller:
Drop and Bubble Micro Manipulator (DBMM) – a unique tool for mimicking processes in foams and emulsions
Colloids Surfaces A , 441 (2014) 807–814

Stephan Boden, Tomy Rolo dos Santos, Tilo Baumbach, Uwe Hampel:
Synchrotron radiation micro-tomography of Taylor bubbles in capillary two-phase flow

Helmut Abels, Stefan Schaubeck:
Sharp Interface Limit for the Cahn-Larché System

Sebastian Aland:
Time integration for diffuse interface models for two-phase flow
Journal of Computational Physics, Volume 262, 1 April 2014, Pages 58–71

Waidmann, M.; Gerber, S.; Oevermann, M. & Klein, R.:
A Conservative Coupling of Level-Set, Volume-of-Fluid and Other Conserved Quantities
in: Fuhrmann, J.; Ohlberger, M. & Rohde, C.(Eds):
Finite Volumes for Complex Applications VII Methods and Theoretical Aspects , Springer, 2014, vol. 77, pp. 457-465

Christoph Lehrenfeld, Arnold Reusken:
Finite Element Techniques for the Numerical Simulation of Two-Phase Flows with Mass Transport

Thomas Köllner, Maurice Rossi, Frauke Broer and Thomas Boeck:
Chemical convection in the methylene-blue–glucose system: Optimal perturbations and three-dimensional simulations

H. Freistühler, M. Kotschote:
Phase-Field and Korteweg-Type Models for the Time-Dependent Flow of Compressible Two-Phase

M. Kotschote, R. Zacher::
Strong solutions in the dynamical theory of compressible fluid mixtures

Karin Schwarzenberger, Thomas Köllner , Hartmut Linde, Thomas Boeck, Stefan Odenbach, Kerstin Eckert :
Pattern formation and mass transfer under stationary solutal Marangoni instability

M. Hintermüller, D. Wegner:
Distributed and boundary control problems for the semidiscrete Cahn-Hilliard/Navier-Stokes system with nonsmooth Ginzburg-Landau energies

M. Hintermüller, D. Wegner:
Distributed and boundary control problems for the semidiscrete Cahn-Hilliard/Navier-Stokes system with nonsmooth Ginzburg-Landau energies

Harald Garcke, Michael Hinze, Christian Kahle:
A stable and linear time discretization for a thermodynamically consistent model for two-phase incompressible flow

M. Oevermann, R.Klein:
An asymptotic solution approach for elliptic equations with discontinuous coefficients

K. Dieter-Kissling, M. Karbaschi, H. Marschall, A. Javadi, R. Miller, D. Bothe:
On the Applicability of Drop Profile Analysis Tensiometry at High Flow Rates Using an Interface Tracking Method

V. Ulaganathan, V.B. Fainerman, G. Gochev, E.V. Aksenenko, D.Z. Gunes, C. Gehin-Delval, R. Miller:
Evidence of negative surface pressure induced by the adsorption of β-lactoglobulin and β-casein at water/air interface

A. Javadi, M. Karbaschi, D. Bastani, J. Ferri, V.I. Kovalchuk, N.M. Kovalchuk, K. Javadi, R. Miller:
Marangoni Instabilities for Convective Mobile Interfaces during Drop Exchange: Experimental Study and CFD Simulation

J.Y. Won, J. Krägel, G. Gochev, V. Ulaganathan, A. Javadi, A.V. Makievski, R. Miller:
Mixed adsorption layers at the aqueous CnTAB solution / hexane vapor interface

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